The Seven Suns - John McSherry


The Seven Suns

  • The Seven Suns‘ — the new solo album from John McSherry

    A concept album enticing the listener on a journey through some of the mysteries of Ireland’s ancient past. Full of stunning, new compositions for Uilleann Pipes and low whistle.

    John McSherry’s second solo outing, “The Seven Suns“, is a musical journey into the heart of ancient Ireland, richly inlaid with elements both personal and national, mundane and mythical. Full of original and exciting new compositions by McSherry and featuring musicians such as Sean Óg Graham, Mike McGoldrick and Niamh Dunne, the album explores Ireland from a global perspective, its key place in the ancient world, and the knowledge, wisdom and preoccupations of the people that inhabited it. Featuring pristine production, innovative arrangements, and masterful musicianship, “The Seven Suns” is more than just a follow-up to the award-winning debut, “Soma” — it surpasses it.

  • Background

    Ancient peoples from around the world had a deeper understanding of man’s role in the universe than they are given credit for. Modern science is only now re-discovering what these ancients have known for millennia; That everything in the Universe is in a state of vibration. Every leaf, atom, planet, galaxy and every cell in our body is humming its own tune.

    The importance of Western Europe’s megalithic civilisation and it’s influence on the Ancient World may have been overlooked by historians. And Ireland may have held special significance; a sacred island, an astronomical temple, the spiritual centre of Europe’s Neolithic people.

  • People


    • John McSherry — uilleann pipes, low & high whistles
    • Seán Óg Graham — acoustic, electric & bass guitars, bouzouki, bodhrán, percussion
    • Niamh Dunne — fiddle, viola
    • Michael McGoldrick — B♭ flute
    • Sean Warren — cello

    Recording & Artwork

    • Produced & arranged by John McSherry
    • Additional production & arrangement by Seán Óg Graham
      Engineered by Seán Óg Graham
    • Recorded & mixed at Big Banana Studios, Co. Antrim, by Seán Óg Graham & John McSherry
    • Mastered by Richard Dowling at Wav Mastering, Limerick
    • Artwork & design by Robbi McMillen (
      ‘Dowth Suns’ carvings recreated by Chin Hua Kang


    John plays Dave Williams & Benedict Koehler pipes and Colin Goldie whistles, and uses chanter reeds made by Paddy O’Hare.


    John would like to especially thank Tíona, Áille, Denis & Olive and all the McSherry clan, Trisha & Úna, Seán Óg Graham, Niamh Dunne, Michael McGoldrick, Paddy O’Hare, Robbi McMillen, Aaron O’Hagan, Ray Giffen, Cathal O’Hare, Colin Harper, Francis McIlDuff, Dónal O’Connor, Mark Doherty.