Following the success of his At First Light CD with Michael McGoldrick, John McSherry teamed up with Dónal O’Connor to produce the highly acclaimed Tripswitch. Described as ‘Acoustic Perfection’ by Living Tradition and ‘Medicine for the soul’ by The Irish Music Magazine, Folk Roots said ”There’s probably not been such an innovative album released on the green island since Lúnasa’s The Merry Sisters of Fate and Tripswitch probably shatters more boundaries.”

“The eight tracks glow with grace, pace, melodic invention and their assured interplay” (Colin Somerville, Scotland on Sunday)

“With Tripswitch both artists seem to have come to fruition with a mature, poised, at times very tender and reflective offering. The sound is stripped back, pared down to essences that reveal a confidence and self-belief that allow the tunes and listener to breathe again. Both McSherry and O’Connor are well known virtuosos from the North of Ireland and feel no need to indulge in any excesses of showmanship. Tripswitch is a broader trip than that – a new departure for both a softer, surer expression that unravels and unveils itself as we move through the album… Tripswitch offers a sense of dimension and space that has been absent from a lot of trad experimentation and production. The colorations are often soft, nuanced, perfectly shaded at times with low whistle and huskily bowed fiddle. There are still controlled surges of energy rush from both musicians as tunes twist, weave, skip and skirl through a range of moods, grooves and cross-culture-calls, but the overall effect of Tripswitch is that of purred incantation, a mellow, iridescent spell that signals a new phase in the creativity of both players. The album is a breath of fresh air and a creative chill out zone that will take familiar audiences by surprise and deservedly create new audiences for John and Dónal.”

Album Credits

John Mc Sherry – Uilleann Pipes, Low & High Whistles
Dónal O’Connor – Fiddle, Keyboards
Paul Mc Sherry – Acoustic, Nylon & High Strung Guitars
Tony Byrne – Acoustic Guitar
Francis McIlduff – Bodhrán
Rubén Bada – Bouzouki, Acoustic Guitar
Gilles LeBigot – Acoustic Guitar
Shaun ‘Mudd’ Wallace – Shakers, Tambourine & Cymbals

Produced & arranged by John Mc Sherry & Dónal O’Connor – March 2006