The John McSherry Band - The wave sweeper

The John McSherry Band - The slide from grace

The John McSherry Band - A Mháire Bruineall

Sunrise at Bealtaine - John McSherry

John McSherry - Uilleann pipes - Quarantune

The King of Dal Buinne - John McSherry

Ulaid & Duke Special - Lon Dubh Loch Lao

Ulaid - The Ramblers

The Atlantean - John McSherry

Soma Festival

Carrowmore - John McSherry

John McSherry - The Seven Suns

The Soma Festival

Ulaid - McSherry, O'Connor, Graham - Portaferry Swing

McSherry, O'Connor, Graham - Ulaid

McSherry, O'Connor & Graham - Ulaid

John McSherry (Uilleann Pipes) with Paul Meehan (Guitar)

John McSherry - Uilleann Pipes 1985

John McSherry & Michael McGoldrick - Irish Low Whistle

McSherry, O'Connor & byrne - El Garrotin

The olllam at Lorient Celtic Festival (Uilleann Pipes, Low Whistle)

John McSherry (Uilleann Pipes, Low Whistle), Dónal O'Connor & Paul Meehan

John McSherry (Uilleann pipes), Dónal O'Connor & Paul Meehan

John McSherry (Uilleann Pipes), Donal O'Connor, Paul Meehan - Irish reels

Uilleann Pipes - John McSherry

John McSherry (Uilleann Pipes), Donal O'Connor & Bob Brozman - Irish Reels

John McSherry (Uilleann Pipes, Low Whistle) & Donal O'Connor - Celtic music

McSherry, McGoldrick & Hennessy - Irish Celtic music on Uilleann Pipes & Flute

McSherry, McGoldrick & Hennessy - Irish Celtic music on Low Whistle & Flute

'At First Light' featuring John McSherry & Francis McIlduff on uilleann pipes

John McSherry - Irish Celtic music on Low Whistle & Uilleann Pipes

Donal Lunny and Coolfin (feat. John McSherry, and Nollaig Casey)

Uilleann Pipes - John McSherry and Francis McIduff - Irish music

At First Light - Sean Maguires reels (McSherry, O'Connor, McIlduff)

Donal Lunny, Coolfin & The Kodo Drummers (Celtic Groove)

'lunasa' - The Early Years (1)

Tamalin (The McSherrys) - Reaping The Rye

Donal Lunny, Liam O Maonlai, John McSherry & co - 'Cailleach an Airgid'

John McSherry & Donal O'Connor - 'Brelydian'

John McSherry & Donal O'Connor - 'The Slide from Grace'

Uilleann Pipes - John McSherry - Doinna - Celtic Air

May Morning Dew - John McSherry

Tamalin (The McSherry's) - Poor Tom (Led Zeppelin)

Donal Lunny & Coolfin - Slides (Feat. McSherry & Casey)

Donal Lunny & Coolfin - (Feat. John McSherry & Nollaig Casey)

Donal Lunny & Coolfin - (Feat. Shannon, McSherry & Casey)

Tamalin (The McSherrys) - The Reconciliation

Tamalin (The McSherrys) - Rhythm & Rhyme

Tamalin (The McSherrys) - The Tempest

Brendan Hendry, Brendan Mulholland and Paul McSherry